Mountain Safari – Quad Tour | ATV Biking Kyrgyzstan

Discover astounding natural beauty as you hit the off road trails located on the local mountains just outside of Bishkek and Karakol! The 4 Hour Mountain Safari ATV Tour will call out your inner Adventure Lover as you charge to the top of Ala Too and Tian Shan Mountains. You’ll have to overcome rocky terrains as you push towards the summit! Your bravery will be rewarded with a stunning panoramic view over the valleys. We’ll take many moments along the way to stop and appreciate the view. Remember to pack your camera! Other highlights will take place at areas which are tucked between the mountains and a perfect place to witness just how pristine Kyrgyzstan nature is.

All experience levels are welcome and our professional and occasionally funny guides are happy to help you feel comfortable on the bikes. You’re welcome to take your family members with you as  passengers as long as they’re over the age of six!

All the tours and terms are negotiable, dependantly on how long and where you want to ride and can be arranged all over Kyrgyzstan.