Ten Day Tour Package in Kyrgyzstan

The program of the comfortable tour is made for you to see the most of this country and have good impessions.


  1. Ala Archa National Park
  2. Burana Tower – Chon Kemin
  3. Konorchek Canyon – Cholpon Ata
  4. Chon Aksuu Gorge – Karakol
  5. Altyn Arashan
  6. Jeti Oguz – Barskaun – Fairytale canyon – Bokombaevo
  7. Son Kul
  8. Kyzyl Oi
  9. Suusamir – Too Ashu – Bishkek
  10. Tranfer to the Airport

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Day 1.

Bishkek-Ala Archa National Park

The Ala Archa National Park is an alpine national park in the Tian Shan mountains of Kyrgyzstan, established in 1979 and located approximately 40 km south of the capital city of Bishkek. The park, which includes the gorge of the Ala-Archa River and the mountains surrounding it, is a popular destination point for weekend picnicers, hikers, horse trekkers, skiers as well as mountain climbers looking for challenging ice, rock and mixed routes. The park is open year round, although the most popular season is late summer and early fall.


In Kyrgyz, the archa, which gives the park its name, is a bright or many-colored juniper which the Kyrgyz people have traditionally held in special esteem, using smoke from its burning wood to chase away evil spirits. However, the archa is not supposed to be planted near the home, because it is believed gradually to sap the energy from human beings living close-by.


The park covers about 200 square kilometers, and its altitude ranges from about 1,500 meters at the entrance to a maximum of 4,895 meters at Peak Semenova Tian-Shanski, the highest peak in the Kyrgyz Ala-tau range of the Tian Shan. There are more than 20 small and large glaciers and some 50 mountain peaks within the park. Two smaller rivers, the Adygene and the Ak-Sai, originate from these glaciers’ melting waters. The Adygene gorge is a beautifully wooded valley, with waterfalls, springs and abundant trout. A small reservoir on the Kargay-Bulak river was built to study the Amu Darya trout. Other wildlife includes the very rare snow leopard (in Kyrgyz: “ilbirs”) on the alpine meadows and snowfields above 2,500 m elevation, wild goats, roe deer and marmots.


Meeting at the airport and taking to the hotel for breakfast and rest. Then Oclock we are going to Ala Archa Gorge National Park (one of the most beautiful sites in Kyrgyzstan), which is located 40km from Bishkek. PicNic is included.
Overnight at Bishkek hotel.

 Day 2.

Burana Tower – Chong Kemin National Park

Burana Tower is seven km. far from the city of Tokmok. It is an 11th century minaret, and one of the first buildings of such type in Central Asia. The original height of minaret was 45 meters. Today the tower is 24.6 meters high, the remaining part came down during an earthquake in the 15th century.
 In the 10th to 12th centuries, Karakhanids khanate was a great feudal state of Central Asia and Kazakhstan. The founders, “karakhans”, chigil tribes by birth, lived in the Tien-Shan and for a short time of the second half of the 10th century they conquered a large territory. One of the capitals of this state was Balasagun. In Karakhanids’ time new towns and settlements were developing, the centers of big cities were improved and Moslem religious buildings were built in the town of Balasagun.

Burana tower, mausoleums and other buildings found after archeological excavations are the witnesses of that build up. The town’s life declined slowly, people left it, the buildings fell apart and finally in the 15th century it ceased to exit.

The chong-Kemin Gorge and the Chong-Kemin Valley, is one of the most picturesque places in Kyrgyzstan. The Chong-Kemin river flowing through a canyon to the valley (transverse valley). The length of the Chong-Kemin River is 116 km. There are 7 lakes in its catchment areas. The river crosses a special protection area of the National Park Chong-Kemin State Natural.

The river flows along the bottom edge of the Gorge of the Chong Kemin 150 km east of Bishkek. The Chong Kemin gorge has a width of 6 kilometers and is 12 km long. The whole valley is covered with green meadows, the steep slopes of the Gorge are covered with pine forests. In combination with the glaciers on the mountain ridges, they form an unforgettable and impression full panorama.


chon kemin


The National Park in the Chong Kemin Valley is a unique natural spectacle of variety of flora and fauna. The landscape is characterised by semi-deserts and glaciers. The National Park has an area of 500 hectares, its height increases gradually from 1,400 m to 2,800 m. The Park is under the protection of the State, protect the unique landscape with its variety of flora and fauna.

Chong-Kemin is a unique nature reserve, where the landscape is preserved almost in virgin state. The glaciers are surrounded with green pine forests and steppe regions. Chong-Kemin is a paradise for fans of extreme and lovers of picturesque places. There, everyone will find what he is looking for, if there are dangerous streams or steep slopes, or whether you want to enjoy nature.



Overnight at the Guesthouse in Chon Kemin.


Day 3.

After breakfast horseriding stroll in the mountains and forests of national park with the local guide (3-4 hours).



Next after lunch we will go to National Horse Games Show. Thus you will get to know the national traditions.


Dinner and overnight in Chon Kemin.


Day 4.

Konorchek-Cholpon Ata

The amazing landscape of Konorchek canyons resemble the Grand Canyon in the USA, but at the same time they carry a significant particle of the unique nature of Kyrgyzstan. It’s a fabulous place located 125 km from the capital of the country, in Boom gorge.




It’s possible to get to the canyons only through the labyrinths of rocks on the bed of a dried river. Rocky columns of red sandstone are stretching here for miles. In the canyons time seems to stop, and the traveler feels captured by these picturesque landscapes.

A special attraction of canyons is an extinct volcano, age of which is estimated as 2.5-3 million years. The climate in the canyons of Konorchek is quite unusual and original. In summer it is very hot and dry, winters are cold, but rather snowless.


konorchek canyons

Moving to Konorchek red Canyons  and take a hike through the beautiful gorge on the way, where you can take wanderful photos (5 hours there and back).

After the attractive hiking in the canyons we are heading to Cholpon Ata city to visit Museum of pethroglives (open air) and the museum Ruch Ordo.




Ruh Ordo» was founded on the sacred place «mazar» in 2002 and breathed a new life into this area, not just by ennobling of its look, but by filling it with a new spiritual force.



There would be no loveliness concept on the earth, if there wasn’t an irresistible pull of the human to the beauty in the broadest sense of this word. World of loveliness is endless and varied».

The Center was regenerated in 2008, when it was given a name of a great contemporary writer Chyngyz Torokulovich Aytmatov. Since that time, seems like «Ruh Ordo» is supplemented with a new meaning, new deep knowledge by inspiring from contact with his work. The person lives until people who knew him are alive.


There are separate destinies that are getting properties of many people; the price of that lesson is so high that it contains so many histories that were remnant by one person spread to all people, who lived at that time and even for those who would come much later.
The history – is the experience of life that was suffered by many generations. Time selects the value and leaves the most important – significant facts, events and destinies. Everything that comes will pass.


There is a great chance to spend evening on sandy shore of the pearl of Kyrgyzstan Issik Kul Lake and have a swim in a clear water.


issik kul lake

Overnight at the hotel in Cholpon Ata.


Day 5.

Chon Aksuu Gorge-Karakol

Grigoriev Gorge (Chon Aksuu) is one of the most famous and beautiful sights of Issyk-Kul Lake. This picturesque place is located 60 km from the town of Cholpon-Ata.


chon aksu


Enjoying the beauty of the mountain slopes, covered with red poppy and sound of mountain water, here you can also see beautiful Tien-Shan spruce. There are three beautiful lakes with crystal clear water in the valley. Lower Lake is located at the lower part of the gorge, Middle Lake is at pasture At-Djailoo, and the most beautiful of the three lakes – Upper Lake is located 6 km from the Middle Lake.


chon aksyy river


After the walk you can taste the Kyrgyz national cuisine in one of the yurts, as well as t get acquainted with the culture and traditions of the nomadic Kyrgyz people. Horse lovers can ride on horseback, enjoying the beauty of the mountain landscape. Here you can also listen to folk music, drink kumys, in general, to feel the full flavor of the Kyrgyz atmosphere.


chon aksuu


Green mountain slopes covered with beautiful poppies, mountain river with crystal clear water, picturesque mountain landscapes, all this certainly will leave you the most unforgettable impression.

Overnight at the hotel in Karakol.


Day 6.

Karakol-Altyn Arashan Hot Springs

In the morning after breakfast you can go for sightseeings like Old Orthodox Church and Dungan Mosque and also to the park. Then after walk aroung sighseeings we will go for trip to Karakol Gorge in the mountains or take a Russian military truck to go to Atyn Arashan hot springs also in the mountains with exreme conditions of the road.




10 km to the east of the town of Karakol, in the valley of Arashan River the gorge Altyn-Arashan is situated. In the lower part of the river there is the village Ak-Suu (old name Teploklyuchenka), immediately followed by the gorge, which expanding opens before the eyes of the traveler. One slope of the gorge is overgrown with dense spruce forest, and the other is covered with a colorful carpet of mountain herbs, flowers, berries and low shrubs.


altyn arashan tour


Among wild animals there can be found mountain goats, deer, bears, wild boars and marmots. The most well-known and frequently visited place in the gorge is hot spring with radon water.


altyn arashan 2


Overnight at the hotel in Karakol.


Day 7.

Jetty Oguz-Barscoon-Fairytale-Bokombaevo

At the beginning of the canyon travelers meet the huge stone sculptures, similar in outline to the bulls – hence the name, “7 bulls”, although they can be counted, and 9, and 11 – how much imagination will allow …

With the Jeti-Oguz Kirghiz involves a lot of legends, here, for example, one of them: a mighty Khan, who had seven sons lived in these wonderful lands. Before his death, he bequeathed to the children divide their property equally. Sons obeyed – and the division of property. But they missed seven calves. Time passed, and the brothers found calves is already strong handsome bulls. And each brother forgot his father’s decree, but remained blind greed. In order to save his brother from the strife, a wise man, a magician turned the handsome bulls in stone giants. And at the foot of the “bulls” and to this day beats hot water.


jetti oguz
By the way, Kirghiz love scary legends, in which blood is shed – so this is one of the most innocuous variants.
Canyon for its beauty can compete with the United States Grand Canyon: severe wind of Issyk-Kul valley have created great drawings and stone sculptures. Then we continue our journey to the waterfall Girlish Braids through the gorge.


Our next trip of the day is Borskoon Gorge

Barskoon gorge is located on the southern shore of Lake Issyk Kul, 80 km far from Karakol. The length of the valley is about 30 km.



At the beginning of the gorge grow rare shrubs and steppe grasses. On both slopes of the canyon rise huge Tien-Shan spruce trees. Above 2800 m grow juniper groves. Along the road running through the gorge of Barskoon there are unusual monuments such as the Soviet truck on the platform and a bust of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, vacationing on the southern shore of Issyk Kul after his flight into space



You can also take a hike to the waterfall


Fairytale Canyon (Skazka)

The canyon was named due to its bizarre rocky landscape, which for many years has been transformed by wind into fabulous sculptures and formations. Some formations in “Skazka” have been named for their similarity to well-known objects. For example, one set of ridges in the canyon is named “The Chinese Wall” due to its similarity to the Great Wall of China.



You can also find what appear to be statues of a hippopotamus, snake, dragon, sleeping giant and even whole castles. Because the different rocks have amazing colors, the rocky statues not only have unusual shapes, but also magical colors.




And we finish this full of good events at the yurt camp in the village of Bokombaevo near the lake shore.

 Overnight at the yurt camp.


Day 8.

Kochkor-Son Kul

Welcome to the Altyn Kol Women’s Handicraft Cooperative! They specialize in creating the finest handmade felt products. Altyn Kol is not simply a business; it is a community organization whose mission is to preserve the traditional artisan work of the people of Kyrgyzstan. By creating and marketing the handmade goods of the women of Kochkor, Kyrgyzstan, Altyn Kol provides the community with income.



Our distination of that day is Son Kul lake.

Son-Kul is a mountain lake in the Central Tian Shan range, virtually in the centre of Kyrgyzstan . One translation of the name is “The Last Lake”.


The pass of 33 serpentines (33 parrots on the way), lookong from where you will feel like on the top of the world))).


 At an altitude of 3016m a.s.l.; 29km long and 18km wide and a maximum depth of 13.2m – it is Kyrgyzstan ‘s second largest lake.The average temperature is about -3.5°C, and in summer it is about 11°C .  Winter temperatures can fall as low as -20°C , and there are something like 200 days of snow. In winter is often impossible to reach the plateau.




 Overnight at Yurt Camp on the lakeshore.
 Day 9.

Kara Keche-Kyzyl Oi

In the morning after breakfast we are going on to the vilage Kyzyl Oi through the pass of Kara Keche where are beautiful mountain views and enjoy the view of the different landscapes.


On the way we will have a picnic in a beautiful place near the bank of the river Kokomeren, where you will make good pictures.


Overnight at the guesthouse in Kyzyl Oi.


 Day 10.

Suusamir Valley-Too Ashu-Bishkek


From Kyzyl Oi village to Bishkek through Suusmir Valley and Too Ashu Pass which is 3350m high.

Overnight at the hotel in Bishkek.


Overnight at the Hotel in Bishkek.


Day 11.

 Escort from Bishkek to the Airport.



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