Top places in Kyrgyzstan

Karakol Gorge

5 km south of the largest town of the Issyk-Kul region, Karakol, the eponymous valley. Gorge canyon has a length of 40 km and is adjacent to Terskey Ala-Too. In the upper part of the gorge during the warm season operates mountaineering camp. The tops, which are most often committed climbing – it Djigit peak (5130 m), Karakol Peak (5281 m), Przewalski’s Peak (4283 m), Zhukov’s Peak (4450 m), Telman peak (4460 m), Dimitrov peak (4450 m ), Fucik peak (4210 m), Gastello peak (4350 m).


On the slopes of the gorge Karakol grow sea buckthorn, barberry, dog rose, mountain flowers and, of course, thick meadow grass. With increasing height, they are replaced by fir and spruce forests, and complete the composition subalpine and alpine landscapes. Animal world of the gorge is also interesting: here inhabited by goats, deer, lynx, wild boar, snow leopards, wolves, bears, golden eagles. Highland part of the valley hides a lot of beautiful places, such as glacial moraine lakes, waterfalls, lake Ala-Kul (3532 m above sea level).