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Manzhaly-Ata Holy Waters

On the southern shore of Issyk-Kul in Ton kilometer above the Gulf between settlements Bokombaevo and Kaji-Sai is located a holy place “Manzhaly-Ata”. Popularity Manjyly-Ata acquired in the late 17th century, in the epic “Manas” is mentioned as a sacred place for the Kyrgyz people. Even if the union despite the bans people came to venerate the tombs of ancestors in the rocky desert to get the healing springs located in a valley filled with miraculous moisture.


The valley is a maze of shallow valleys between clay steppe hills, from which beats many springs. Each spring is considered to be curative. In Manjyly gorge grow 8 sacred willows, at the base of which there are 12 main and 5 additional springs. The caretaker shows the way to the sources, but can also be found by the next single willow grow with them. Water emerges from the ground and infiltrates into it again. Each spring has a name, a specific taste and cure of various diseases.


1st source “Manjyly-Ata”. Treats diseases of the blood, cardiovascular system, crushes and removes stones from the kidneys and liver, rejuvenates and prolongs life.

2nd source treats the endocrine system.

3rd source Ilim – knowledge. It gives insight.

4th Source Bala – Child. From infertility, good for conception and childbirth.

5th source of “health.”

6th and 7th sources Bug Ene – Mother Doe. 1st source of cure of liver disease. 2nd source treats eye diseases.

8th source Aziz Bulagy – Spring Snake. It helps to get rid of nervous disorders, headaches.

Nearby is the mud. Heal the pain in the joints.

9-th power “Family” – aims to create a family and its well-being.

10th spring – cures diseases of the stomach.

11-th source – cures skin diseases.

Tourists tell of nine:

Manjyly-Ata, Bala (child), Bug Ene (Mother Doe), Ilim (Knowledge), Aziz Bulagy (Snakes spring) Maytik Dubai (Gemini).

All year round here come people of different nationalities from different countries in search of relief from disorder in his personal life, peace of mind, for the blessings of family happiness, insight, wisdom, and knowledge, education, health and bodily well-being in private life and peace in society. It also springs Manzhaly valley come many spiritual seekers, psychics, yoga devotees, they all celebrate special feeling and positive energy. Residents of surrounding villages claim to Manzhaly all dreams come true.


Researchers call such places geoanomalnymi natural areas, where the cosmic energy is concentrated. Although Manzhaly was a patron of nomadic pastoralists, was a famous Sufi preceptor, in his lifetime to spread Islam among the nomadic Kyrgyz people – the Gentiles. There is a house for the night pilgrims, a place for cooking, information boards for visitors yurt for national ceremonies.


“Since ancient times, our country is renowned scientists and academics come from these places. Land Issyk – Kul is considered a sacred place and live here an ancient people. In the list of names of famous sons and daughters should Manjyly-Ata. They are based on the facts of the individual Manjyly-Ata and our history bears witness to this. “


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