• Unlimited daily mileage
  • We provide Japanese and German Motorcycles Honda CRF 250L and BMW F650GS which have proven their reliability in hard conditions in long distance tours.
  • We carefully inspecting the technical condition of the motorcycles and making maintenance after each tour or rental. Timely change of the engine oil, filters, tires, chains, sprockets and brake pads. We use only the original Japanese and German parts to keep the bikes in good condition.
  • We provide you with necessary tools, spare clutch cables and levers, spare front and rear tubes, pump and the  patches to repair in case of a tire puncture.
  • We can arrange evacuation of motorcycle from any accessible space by car (extra)
  • Inexpensive spare parts in case of breakdown among other motorcycle brands
  • We help you create original route, book accommodation, arrange airport transfer etc..(extra)
  • With our bikes you can be sure and ride safely.

Motorcycle Motorbike Tours in Kyrgyzstan

A big Variety of Memorable Adventure Motorcycle Tours in Kyrgyzstan for all skill level riders. From 1 day to 20 days of a tour,  mountain glaciers, high mountain passes, sands, stony rough roads, dirt roads etc.

As to the itinerary of the tour, just let know how many days you want to enjoy riding for and we will draw up the route with the most enteresting highlights.

On a fully organised Motorbike Tour in Kyrgyzstan you will be accompanied by the guides who are very flexible about changing the itinerary on the way and lead you to the trails that are not even pointed on the map.

You will also be acompanied by 4*4 vehicle with spare bike on a trailer and mechanic who will take care of your bikes on the way.

In some wild places where there is possibility to drop by a cafe for a snack as a lunch, we will arange a picknick in the middle of nowhere in the mountains.

The cost of the tour depends on the number of riders in a group and the number of days.

What is included into the price:

  • Motorcycles (from 250 cc. to 650 cc.)
  • Fuel for the whole tour
  • Guide on his bike
  • 4*4 Vehicle with a spare bike on a trailer and your lagguage
  • Mechanic
  • Accommodation throughout the whole tour (Hotels, Guesthouses, Yurts)
  • Meals Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • Water
  • Gear (extra)
  • Alchogol (extra)

Motorcycle Motorbike Rental and Tours in Kyrgyzstan

Motorcycle Motorbike Rental and Tours in Kyrgyzstan


Motorcycle (Motorbike) Rental in Kyrgyzstan

A wide range of Adventure Motorcycles that showed their can reliability in harsh conditions. Honda CRF250L, BMW f650GS Dakar, Honda XR250Baja. You can just rent a bike for any period and go on a ride anywhere you want to.

Motorcycle Motorbike Rental and Tours in Kyrgyzstan

If there is a serious problem with a bike like (engine stall, eletrical issues, suspension, clutch and etc.) that can not be solved on the spot, we will come to the place where you are and change the bike to another one, so that you can continue enjoying your ride.

Motorcycle Motorbike Rental and Tours in Kyrgyzstan

  • Booking prepayment deposit 30% from total payment
  • Damage deposit 500$ for each bike (at the start of the rental)
  • Daily rental price is negotiable (depending on the period)
  • Insurance (extra)

You will be provided with the items that are included into the rental price:

  • All necessary tools
  • Dismounting tire levers
  • Spare tubes (front and rear)
  • Air Pump
  • Cold Welding in case of a serious damage
  • Spare electric fuses
  • Zipties and insulating tapes
  • Helmets and Gloves

Attention! Before renting a motorbike for independent travel, you should understand and consider the following points! Here on the roads of Kyrgyzstan there are no any motorbike’s workshops, even in any cities! There are hospitals only in large villages and cities, the distance between which can be long. Some road distances are deserted and there is no mobile connection, not knowing the English by locals. So You should only rely on yourself.
If you do not have enough experience and skills for own trip , we recommend you to take part in our guided tours or hire a guide.

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Motorcycle Motorbike Rental and Tours in Kyrgyzstan


Motorcycle Motorbike Rental and Tours in Kyrgyzstan

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