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Kegety Gorge and Waterfall

Kegety gorge is located in 75 km from Bishkek on northern slopes of Kyrgyz ridge. Its length is 30 km. There is a river of a same name, flowing in the bottom of the gorge. The river has many tributaries. The biggest of them is Kel-Tor tribute, which forms independent very beautiful gorge.

koltorIn the upper gorge there is a mountain lake with a water of turquoise color. The lake is located at an altitude of 2725 m and it’s the most interesting object of visiting. The same name river which flows out of the lake disappears under the earth surface and shows up again in a forest part, making a beautiful waterfall with crystal clear water. Path to the lake first goes along right side of the gorge, which is covered with fir trees and bushes of rowan berry, honeysuckle, rosehip and barberry. You may see afterwards bushes of archa (local fir tree) and alpine meadows on higher altitude.


3kms higher of the lake there are moraines and big glaciers of Kel-Ter and Anastasya, which you may easily see from the lake. After crossing nearby passes you may get to neighboring gorges of Tuyk Shamsynsky and Kegety.

keltorKegety gorge is more gently sloping than Kel-Ter and is surrounded by vertical slopes.  In 5-6 km from forestry there is a small stream, flowing into the Kegery river. This stream makes a beautiful 20 m high waterfall in 100m from the road. The waterfall crashes down from calcareous terrace, it’s located nearby the road, crossing the valley. That’s quite comfortable for tourists. Above this auto road is periodically washed off by mud flow. A stunning view of destructive nature forces fascinates. Here you may see second biggest tributary – At Jailoo, which is located in 11 km form the forestry. At Jailoo gorge forms a beautiful hole, known by abandoned mines at present.


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